Celebrating One Year of Carabello Coffee

When Drive Media House was initially conceptualized a few years ago (then called Moonbeam Studios) we always hoped to find several other companies that we felt were working to make a difference in the world with whom we could partner. While we’ve been able to produce media for several of those companies, one that has been very close to our heart over the past year Carabello Coffee and all the great folks that work there. Their shop is just one block away from our studio and after several mornings of getting coffee in their shop, we soon found that our companies shared several mutual goals and aspirations. So began a partnership of sorts that culminated with our Director of Photography, Micah Simms, traveling with founder Justin Carabello to Nicaragua to shoot footage in the coffee fields as well as the orphanage that the Carabello's support through their shop. That footage was then spun into this mini-documentary about the founding of Carabello Coffee that we put together in celebration of their one year anniversary.

Please go support them and feel free to share this out to fellow world-changers that might soak in some inspiration from it. We’re happy to play a small role in Justin and Emily Carabello’s story. Congrats on 1 year and we look forward to several more years of mornings in your shop!