Six Dreams for Drive


Well, I’m force-quitting Premiere Pro and double-clicking the Microsoft Word icon on my desktop. This is weird.

Hi. I’m Carley, the lead video editor here and I don’t write blogs. But I’m here all the time, so I know my Drive friends and I know their dreams. Since we’re all larger-than-life dreamers at Drive Media House, we’ve decided to be more transparent with our dreams and goals as a production team. We believe that if we share how we’ve strived to realize our own dreams, others can see how we can make their wild goals a reality through video.

  • We dream of making things. First and foremost, we’re all dying to make a feature film together. That dream is at the root of why we work together--we value each other’s creative skills, so any chance we get, we create. But in order to get there, we have other “smaller” goals that will prepare us for larger ones. Those are as follows:
  • We dream of making short films. Even though most of our time is spent creating commercial spots, several of us have written our own scripts in our free time and the other team members have poured their talents into helping turn the scripts into short films. It’s fun practice for being a productive and effective team, and it also puts our work out into the world. Win-win! We hope that a larger audience can become familiar with our work and how we hope to grow our own unique mix of filmmaking and advertising. To further hone our short-film-making abilities, we’ll be participating as a team in this year’s 48-Hour Film Project in Cincinnati. Keep an eye out for our work!
  • We dream of Cincinnati becoming a filmmaking hub. No explanation needed. We’re dying for this to happen.
  • We dream of traveling to make videos. We love Cincinnati and we’re staying here for a reason, but we love filming out-of-town together too. If we’re being completely honest, the majority of our videos have been filmed locally. But we’ve always dreamt of making bigger and bolder commercials in new places, whether it’s shooting for Lincoln in the mountains, for Under Armor in Antarctica, for Paramount underwater, for Tesla in space, or for Patagonia in, well, Patagonia. In order to make these dreams come true, we’re willing and excited to help shoot in any random places in the U.S. where clients send us. This openness has taken us to places like West Middlesex, PA, Lima, OH, and California, KY. Weird small towns for sure, but it’s a step toward bigger things.
  • We inherently must dream of paying the bills in order to make a film. When we’re ready to turn an idea into a feature, money won’t just fly in from all our biggest fans. We need to keep filling our piggy banks to prepare for that day, so in order to get to this point, we’ll keep pouring our passion for film into our passion for our clients’ videos.
  • We dream of changing the way clients think of video. There are so many amazing brands out there that we love who have not yet acted on the grand opportunities that a narrative-driven commercial could provide them with. We dream of teaming up with them to put together branded short films or commercials that convey their messages to the world in an emotional and memorable way. We’re just saying if that applies to you, our brains and hearts are anxious to meet you and your ideas! This dream came full circle recently when our project contact for American Modern Insurance Group commented on our public video post with the following feedback: “Those shots helped it go from “video” to “film”. Thanks to Drive Media House for making it happen!”

These dreams are pretty crazy, but we’re not ashamed of them. Conveniently, they are all interconnected. The farther we reach, and with each small dream we pursue, the more we’re able to see that our team’s overall goals could actually happen. The world is a small place, and film is such a unifying medium of expression. So these are our dreams. Trample them, laugh at them, and discredit them, but they won’t change. We have them for a reason. We dream of using our video know-how to create films that make the crazy tangible, that make the far near, that make the impossible possible, and that impact people for the better. We have so much drive to make our own dreams happen, so of course we’ll set wild goals that we hope come true for you. Don’t be scared. We’ll keep you involved every step of the way. Speaking of which, what are your dreams? We encourage you to share them with us. We might even have the same ones.