Stories that DRIVE // Cincinnati Video Production

“Facts are neutral until human beings add their own meaning to those facts. People make their decisions based on what the facts mean to them, not on the facts themselves. The meaning they add to facts depends on their current story … facts are not terribly useful to influencing others. People don’t need new facts—they need a new story.” ― Blake Mycoskie

Here at DRIVE Media House we focus on storytelling. We choose to tell stories because we love seeing the way stories play out. When you connect with something it motivates you to take action.

Pay attention to commercials on television and online… you will notice that many of them are focused on story elements that access your emotions. From beautifully shot Nike or UnderArmor ads to powerful Chipotle commercials, we're starting to see more productions focus on a storyline. It is only when we connect with someone that we've done what we've set out to accomplish.

The reason storytelling has gained such traction is because a story is something that can make you FEEL, and therefore bring about action. Chipotle accomplishes this by telling the story of how their food is sourced with integrity. By choosing to eat at Chipotle, you’re choosing to support farms that raise animals in a humane environment.

Great storytelling begins with a "WHY". If you don’t know why you do what you do then you’re already failing at telling your own story. By focusing on your "WHY" you will end up delivering something worth telling. And when you share something worth telling, other people want to share it as well.

Herein lies what we do here at DRIVE: we start with "WHY", find your core story, and then share it with the world in a beautiful video that connects with your audience.