Why I'm Ditching Transactional Relationships in 2016

Human interaction is at the core of everything that's created in the world. We are human. Therefore, we interact. That's why in 2016 I’ve decided to focus my efforts on getting to know people as people.

What does that even mean? When Drive Media House was first conceptualized, it was built around the idea of valuing--and enriching--relationships. By enriching these relationships, we hope to create a collaborative space. After all, art, video and communication are strongest when they come from a place of collaboration. Here are three reasons why we’re pushing further into that mentality this year.

1) Getting to know the real you Whether you're leading a large marketing team at a giant corporation or trying to get a business off the ground, your job can be stressful and difficult at times. Introducing video into the mix will only add another layer of complexity to that. Getting to know your pain points helps us address the true (and often hidden) needs you have in better way. We love hearing about your personal passions. Whether or not we realize it, these passions are what drive your company’s marketing and brand development.

2) Collaboration is the best art Creating something new is a tremendous undertaking. Creating something new that's actually worth making is an even bigger undertaking. We’ve never been interested in making something that we’re not going to be proud of. Collaboration allows us to tap into that unique vision that only you can bring to the project. We’ve been doing this for a long time, but so have you. When we combine our knowledge and expertise, we can create great, effective content that leaves an imprint on your audience.

3) Get ready to have new friends A partner once said that Drive’s “best work is getting to know people”. We believe in this so strongly that we’ve created an open door environment to just come and hang, even if we’ve never done a single bit of “business” together. It may sound odd, but if we could measure success by anything at Drive it would be by the amount of people we connect with to form strong and lasting friendships. Based on our past experience, collaborative friendships are the basis for our best work.

In 2016, we hope you join us in this effort to ditch transactional relationships in favor of something more authentic, real and human.