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DRIVEHEART_FINALFILE_11x14 — All Vector.jpg

2017 has been a defining year for drive...

...one that has brought clarity in purpose and direction, but most importantly, clarity in the values that we hold to through the ups, downs, twists, and turns.

One of these values is that we commit to always CREATE THINGS WORTH CREATING. To us, this means creating things that we are proud of. It means creating things that are truthful and refusing to settle for mediocre, regardless of the client, budget, or project. It means we're driven by a passion to make content with excellence. Finally, it means learning we can't do this alone, that without the collaboration of clients, partners, and friends there would be nothing to create. 

In the spirit of collaboration, we decided to reach out to an artist we've long admired, Scott Erickson, to help express this value through a piece of art. And, we didn't want to stop with just having a beautiful piece of art, we also partnered with the team at Powerhouse Factories to have it screen printed by hand.  

Here's to many more years of creating things that encourage, challenge, and inspire.