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Educational videos can come in a variety of forms. Perhaps you are a business who is educating your customer on a new product or feature. Or, maybe you are a non-profit who needs an educational video to help promote and inspire people toward your cause. 

At Drive Media House, we believe the best educational videos are those that tell a story and engage your audience. And, we believe that the best way to teach is often times through story. We love being able to create educational videos with a powerful visual and audio cues that match with a well written and effective script. 

With an overwhelming amount of video content flooding consumers, you need to be able to reach your audience in a way that keeps them engaged and wanting to learn more. 

We love digging in, asking the hard questions, and driving down to the heart of a message - one that is memorable because there are human moments that actual human beings (a.k.a., your audience) can relate to. Once we find that core message, we can begin to craft a story that will help make your educational video a success. 

See below for some of the educational video production we've done for our clients. 

A FEW OF OUR educational VIDEOS


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educational video styles and services

Education video production is a large bucket, but the bottom line is you need a team that can help you effectively communicate your message and vision to your audience. We excel at creating stories that connect. 

At Drive Media House, we offer a variety of educational video production services to help you meet your goals ... and deadlines. We deliver many different types of education videos such as:

  • Corporate training videos
  • Marketing and promotional videos
  • Internal communications and training videos
  • About us and brand films 
  • CEO profiles
  • Case study videos
  • Sales and motivational videos
  • Inspirational videos 
  • Recruiting videos
  • TV commercial production 
  • Animated video production
  • Explainer and how to videos
  • Videos for investor relations
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We also offer a variety of corporate video services to help with your video project including: 

  • Video editing services
  • Color correction
  • Visual effects
  • Camera crews
  • Post production for agencies
  • Video crews for agencies
  • Motion graphics
  • Voiceovers 

Why choose drive media house

We are a team that is passionate about telling stories through video. We understand understand emotion and storytelling, and we know how to cut through all of the extra noise that is in the world to help you connect with your audience on a human level. 

We have experience. We do our research. We take ownership of a project, and we deliver value. We would love to help you communicate your message and tell your story. 

Our Approach

The Challenge

Every business challenge comes back to a human connection problem. Our creative team will lead you through the steps to uncover the challenges specific to your business.

The Insight

We work with you to find the humanly relevant truth [the insight] that will not only inspire your audience, but move them to action.

The Story

Once we discover the insights, we translate them into a narrative driven educational video that creates a human connection with your audience. 

Our Process

no. 1



We work hand in hand to identify the challenge and discover insights that will establish valuable human connections.

no. 2



With these key insights as a throughline, we develop ideas, concepts, and stories that are understood, memorable, and impactful.

no. 3



We bring it all to life in a narrative with audio and visuals that are sincere and relatable to your audience.


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Our door is always open. Of course, we can come to your office, but we’re partial to having house guests around the studio, because the most important work we do is relate to people. Clients quickly become friends. And, if you drop in on a Monday you could find yourself in the middle of our favorite hour of the week – team lunch.

We’re not trying to prove that we have all the answers. We don’t. But what we do have is a relentless ambition to make the world smaller and more personal. We're a Cincinnati educational video production company located on the Northern Kentucky side of the river, and we're in love with the Queen City. Through lunches, coffee, couches, pitches, brainstorms and videos we get to know people and that’s our best work.