A Suitcase Story


Note from the Directors:

Coming out of 2017, I felt like I was moving into a new season of life personally. Which is also how I felt about Drive too. So, it only felt natural to finally put into production an idea that had been stewing on the back burner for a few years. We wanted to share someone's life through a different point of view, a narrative that would tell a life story through a suitcase. It took a lot of time and thought to get all the time periods locked down for our production designer to be able to put together the propping for each scene. Ultimately it took a lot of rigging, three rolls of sod, a lot of sand and even a live animal to make all the scenes come together. The post was as involved as the production, with all music and sfx designed specific for the production.  

I've realized, we have to make a choice to live a life that is worth discovering and our legacy is something generations will be able to dig into and explore. Our hope is that we all can spend more time in 2018 focusing on the things that matter most. - Chris Powers


I still remember the tiny conference room beginnings of this video and the excitement we had in hopes of someday making it happen when it was born from brainstorming 2 years ago. Busy seasons and life in general got in the way of its immediate creation, but I’m so glad we ended up waiting until now to make it happen because the condition of everyone’s hearts and minds seemed ideal for pouring ourselves into this piece about something that really matters.

There was something different, something irreplicable, something craveable about being on the set of “A Suitcase Story”. Everyone on the team was bringing their best skills to the table in their purest form. Getting to see our friends and strangers work their magic made this the most inspiring set I’ve worked on. Micah Simms, the DP, was totally in his element getting to craft 20 lighting setups without moving the set once. Kim Martin, the Art Director, was completely at home in the thrift stores and antique malls she dug through for props, and then once she was on set with all of those items, she crafted each scene with ease and grace — also creating 20 rooms without moving the set once. Even our young talent loved interacting with so many unique items they’d never seen before. The entire team poured themselves out for this project, and it was so great as a director, seeing everything fall into place.

I think it was our desire for this piece that made it different. We wanted it. We wanted to feel the story, and we wanted to watch it move others. - Carley Weber


BehinD the scenes

Suitcase - Micah5.JPG
Suitcase - RED6.JPG

Great American Insurance


About the video:

Great American Insurance Group reached out to Drive to help launch a new mobile App for their Crop Insurance Division. The video needed to be equal parts inspirational and educational. With the creative approach, we decided to bridge the past, present, and future with a blend of historical found footage with shot footage. This approach allowed us to connect emotionally with the audience while also providing an opportunity to educate by contextually demoing the new mobile application. 




About the video:

TorchPrep isn't your standard test prep company. They describe themselves as a band of visionaries, artists, teachers, hackers, poets, advocates, and friends. The company is all about changing the lives of students. They are passionate about what they do and have found a way to inject a fresh perspective and energy into the somewhat dull world of standardized testing. Our goal was to create a video that not only communicated their mission, but also captured their passion and brand personality.  

Unique to this project:

The drama of this piece was unlike most content we've executed in the past. It took a lot of intricate nuances in camera work, lighting effects, sound design, and musical composition to create the emotional journey for the viewer. 

Nathan's Famous

Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs

About the videos:

An American classic, Nathan's Famous was recently named the official hot dog of the MLB. We partnered with Nathan's digital agency, Oodle to provide video content as part of their MVP Dog campaign. The completed videos show off a number of fan submitted hot dogs, in short, social-sized pieces. 

The videos are being primarily used across social channels and the campaign landing page. They have been viewed and shared hundreds of thousands of times. 

Unique to this project:

The variety and complexity of the hot dogs shown required a full team effort when it came to food styling. In addition to the professional styling team on set, everyone pitched in to help execute within the short shoot window. 


Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra

Return to Music Hall Campaign


These videos were part of a campaign leading up to the reopening of Cincinnati's famous Music Hall. The goal was to tease the beauty of the renovations to a vast audience, both familiar and unfamiliar with the space.  A quote that really drove the creative vision was "The Hall is the instrument the musicians play." We decided to build on this concept and deliver a narrative of a musician interacting with the hall for the first time. 


This project was driven by a primary concept but it was also important for the client to have multiple, short videos that could be used as teasers on social media. With proper planning, we were able to deliver 5 teasers in addition to the full length video. These teasers allowed the CSO to garner a lot of attention prior to the release of the final video days before the hall reopened. Currently the regional campaign has over 200K organic reach and over a 1,000 shares. 


The Simple Portrait Project

Love, Mom - TSPP 10 Year Anniversary


One of the common themes we’ve championed at Drive over the years is beauty in imperfection. To help The Simple Portrait Project celebrate their 10th year, we partnered with creator Jon Willis to help tell a story with this belief at its foundation. We love when we have a chance to make something special that helps break through some of the noise that exists in traditional advertising. We were honored to partner with our close friend Jon to help bring Rachel's story to life.

Unique to this Project:

Every project is a collaboration, and this one was no exception. With Jon bringing a creative vision and Rachel having a unique story to tell, our team was able to step in an execute visually and help bring it all to life.


Bulleit Bourbon

Bulleit Bourbon + Noble Sessions featuring Houndmouth

Houndmouth - "Sedona"

Houndmouth - "For No One"

Houndmouth - "My Cousin Greg"

About the videos:

Getting to work with Noble Denim and Bulleit Bourbon was a bit of a dream come true for our team. We’ve been big fans of both brands for a very long time, so when were asked to jump into making something for them featuring the band Houndmouth we were immediately on board. It was a quick turn around project for us so we had to organize art direction and everything in a very short window. Shooting in 100+ year cooperage on the Bulleit property helped a ton as we were able to use the barrels to create some interesting angles and shots.

Unique to this project:

We had little to no power in this location so running power out to the location was a challenge especially when we were trying to create heavy moonlight beams streaming into the building. After the power issues were sorted out we were able to use a mix of haze, large lights and dust to create what we desired...a few bottles of bourbon helped too.

Dreamers of the Day

Every once in a while, we have the opportunity to create something that speaks to why we love creating in the first place. A few years ago we came across this quote from T.E. Lawrence:

All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity.

But the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible.

It really stuck with us and we wanted to translate the idea into a short video. This project is a celebration of dreamers, both young and old, as told through the story of a boy and his father.