Bulleit Bourbon

Bulleit Bourbon + Noble Sessions featuring Houndmouth

Houndmouth - "Sedona"

Houndmouth - "For No One"

Houndmouth - "My Cousin Greg"

About the videos:

Getting to work with Noble Denim and Bulleit Bourbon was a bit of a dream come true for our team. We’ve been big fans of both brands for a very long time, so when were asked to jump into making something for them featuring the band Houndmouth we were immediately on board. It was a quick turn around project for us so we had to organize art direction and everything in a very short window. Shooting in 100+ year cooperage on the Bulleit property helped a ton as we were able to use the barrels to create some interesting angles and shots.

Unique to this project:

We had little to no power in this location so running power out to the location was a challenge especially when we were trying to create heavy moonlight beams streaming into the building. After the power issues were sorted out we were able to use a mix of haze, large lights and dust to create what we desired...a few bottles of bourbon helped too.

Dave McMurray