FC Cincinnati - Our Legacy Is Now


Cincinnati Is Hungry For A Champion

FC Cincinnati took the soccer world by storm in its inaugural year. On April 16, 2016, the club set the USL's regular season attendance record with 20,497. They broke the single game record two more times in the same year.

And on July 20, with five games left, the club broke the USL's single season attendance record. 

Ownership of FC Cincinnati has stepped up to bring this city a championship and will settle for nothing less. 

FC Cincinnati - our legacy is now

The Queen City's professional soccer club is ready to claim even more accolades in its second season. And this city is more than ready to show even greater support for the club as it plays for a championship and marches on with it's MLS expansion bid. 

This city knows a thing or two about legacy. And, our legacy is now. 

Video Transcript:

In a world where soccer is king, we stand behind our queen. We do not come quietly. Or slowly. Or merely to compete. 
We come to win. Fast and loud. 
If we're the new kids on the block, aren't we supposed to crack under the pressure, buckle, give, something? Nah. That's not how you make history. 
Our legacy doesn't start with a step. It starts with flight.
Our legacy is now. 

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Eric Sztanyo