Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra

Return to Music Hall Campaign


These videos were part of a campaign leading up to the reopening of Cincinnati's famous Music Hall. The goal was to tease the beauty of the renovations to a vast audience, both familiar and unfamiliar with the space.  A quote that really drove the creative vision was "The Hall is the instrument the musicians play." We decided to build on this concept and deliver a narrative of a musician interacting with the hall for the first time. 


This project was driven by a primary concept but it was also important for the client to have multiple, short videos that could be used as teasers on social media. With proper planning, we were able to deliver 5 teasers in addition to the full length video. These teasers allowed the CSO to garner a lot of attention prior to the release of the final video days before the hall reopened. Currently the regional campaign has over 200K organic reach and over a 1,000 shares. 

Dave McMurray