TriHealth - Moments of Truth

About The Video: 

TriHealth approached Drive with the task of connecting their team members more deeply with the patient journey. The approach not only allowed for a practical connection, but more importantly, highlighted the range of challenges and emotions a patient experiences.

In this storytelling video, which could be used for marketing or internal purposes, you follow along with this single mother as she walks through these moments of truth. From a routine checkup to receiving the devastating news that you have cancer to treatments and all the way to remission, the goal of the video was to help the viewer be drawn in and intimately connected to the patient's journey. 

TriHealth states on their website, "We don't just deliver unmatched expertise. We deliver the compassion patients need every day."

We are proud to partner and work with a company who cares so deeply about their patients that they would train their team members in empathy with these kinds of storytelling videos. 

Unique To This Project:

This was a unique production simply because of the number of shooting locations that were needed to make the concept work.

Most projects end up with 3-6 locations. On this particular video, we needed to represent 30+ settings where a patient would be throughout her journey of healing.

Ultimately, using a team that was extremely small and nimble was the only way to cover so much ground over the course of a day and a half, and that's exactly what we did!

Eric Sztanyo