TriHealth Diversity and Inclusion


TriHealth defines diversity as the unique differences and similarities that their team members, patients, families, physicians, volunteers, and communities bring to their environment. TriHealth approached Drive Media House to help communicate this commitment through a visual narrative. Using the power of human connection, Drive Media House crafted a visual narrative that focused on the diverse people throughout TriHealth, allowing the audience to connect with them through the power of emotion.


There are a few phrases from the script that we really attempted to focus on with how we visually communicated the message. These phrases include, "the differences and similiarities found in our team", "a unique collection of individuals" and "embracing and celebrating our differences". 

While we used many different people in the video, we purposefully kept the eyes all at the same hight no matter whether it was a tight, medium, or wide shot, in order to allow the audience to continuously make eye contact and engage emotionally. 

This allows the audience to really grasp both the differences and the similarities found in TriHealth's team. 

Dave McMurray