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Drive Media House is a promotional video production company based in Cincinnati, OH (well, technically Newport, KY). 

We are passionate about video and storytelling, and we create promotional videos that connect people with your business, organization or non-profit. 

What makes a great video? We believe it's about connecting with human beings. In today's world, video content is exploding at a rapid rate. So, how do you create a promotional marketing video that stands out from the rest of the noise? How do you tell a story that captures the hearts of your audience and moves them to action? 

We believe an effective promotional video is all about telling a great story and that starts with a process. 

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We've had the privilege to work with advertising agencies, small business owners and non-profit organizations to tell a variety of stories through our promo video services. 

Some of our clients include TriHealth, Downy, Francis Lofts & Bunks, High Five Salon, American Modern Insurance, Source Cincinnati and many others. 

Our goal is to create a promotional video that cuts through all the noise with a powerful message that resonates with your customers. With the growing amount of video content being consumed every day, we believe now more than ever that it is important to tell a powerful story with your video. 

Check out some of the promotional video services work we've down below. 

Have something your business neds to promote? 

If you have an idea, product or marketing initiative you need to promote, there is no better way than the power of video to help get the message out. 

In our 7 Tips to Create an Amazing Marketing Video for Humans post, we point out that by 2019, 80% of total consumer internet traffic will be video. 80%!!! People are consuming videos at an increasingly rapid pace, and if you aren't promoting your products or services through video, you're not maximizing the amount of eyeballs to your business. 

Making a promo video is important, but because there is so much promotional video content out there today, it's equally important to invest in a video that will stand out and get noticed. 

We believe the best way to do that is to create a video that connects with people on a human level. We call ourselves the Home of Earnest Video because we believe in creating videos that show a depth of sincerity and feeling. That may be humor, inspiration, sadness, joy, or any combination of other feelings, but it has to reach the heart of people. 

When you create a promotional video that reaches people's hearts, then, you actually have the opportunity for people to share it with others.  

Promotional Video Production - On Set with HD Cameras for Promotional Marketing

Our Approach

The Challenge

Every business challenge comes back to a human connection problem. Our creative team will lead you through the steps to uncover the challenges specific to your business.

The Insight

We work with you to find the humanly relevant truth [the insight] that will not only inspire your audience, but move them to action.

The Story

Once we discover the insights, we translate them into a narrative driven promotional video that creates a human connection with your audience. 

Promotional Video Production Planning Meeting at Drive Media House - Cincinnati Prom Video Production Company

Promotional video Services

Drive Media House offers a full compliment of promotional video services covering all of your needs from pre-production to post-production. 

Our promotional video services include videography, camera crews, visual editing, color correction, voiceovers, audio editing and much more.

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  • Corporate training videos
  • Marketing videos
  • Internal communications and training videos
  • About us and brand films 
  • CEO profiles
  • Case study videos
  • Sales and motivational videos
  • Inspirational videos 
  • Recruiting videos
  • TV commercial productions
  • Explainer and how to videos
  • Videos for investor relations

We work everywhere, but when we're home, we are a

Cincinnati Promotional Video Production Company



Our door is always open. Of course, we can come to your office, but we’re partial to having house guests around the studio, because the most important work we do is relate to people. Clients quickly become friends. And, if you drop in on a Monday you could find yourself in the middle of our favorite hour of the week – team lunch.

We’re not trying to prove that we have all the answers. We don’t. But what we do have is a relentless ambition to make the world smaller and more personal. We're a Cincinnati marketing video production company located on the Northern Kentucky side of the river, and we're in love with the Queen City. Through lunches, coffee, couches, pitches, brainstorms and videos we get to know people and that’s our best work.