DeAR sonos


IT was love at first sound...

I remember the day 5 years ago when I set up my first Sonos system.

We had always been a family that liked music, but with the introduction to Sonos, and access to our favorite music all the time, anywhere in our home, music became something we loved. From dinner parties to baby showers, music has filled not just our home, but us, through all seasons of life. 

Some of our most memorable moments as a family center around music, and Sonos has helped make those moments possible. Speaking of memorable moments, I received a video text from my wife a few months ago. It was my youngest daughter dancing in front of our Sonos speaker.


Most of us have probably seen it, that inexplicable moment when a certain song starts playing and a quiet baby begins moving and dancing. After seeing hundreds of these moments over the years with my kids, I decided I wanted to try to capture it in a way that everyone could experience it. And, in a way that they would connect the moment to Sonos. We hadn't seen content quite like this, so we decided to go all out and produce it ourselves(everything but licensing the music). We wanted the quality of the final videos to not only match the quality of the Sonos speakers, but also the quality of the moments they capture.

Thank you for making moments like these possible. We hope you enjoy the content. And obviously, we'd love to have a conversation and see if there are any other opportunities to partner and find ways to share more of these types of special moments. The button below leads directly to my email and we'd love to hear from you!


Dave McMurray & The Drive Team

P.S - We created a couple different versions with a few different tags, mostly in the 6 second ad format.