Born To Move

Production/Creative: Drive Media House

This piece is an exploration in how young kids interact with music. Most of us have experienced a moment when a song comes on and there's a sudden urge to move. And we see these moments played out most often with kids, probably because they haven't learned to be embarrassed yet. The idea for this specific piece came from a cell phone video of one of our daughters dancing, we decided to produce a commercial piece that would capture these simple moments in an exciting and beautiful way. It's a nod to the innate desire and rhythm in all of us. 

Special thanks to the entire team who worked on this project, especially Hambone Collective for the incredible motion design. 


Executive Producer: Dave McMurray
Director of Photography: Micah Simms
Producer: Chris Powers & Stephen Sargent
Production Designer: Carley Weber
Production Assistant: Bryce Peña
Editor: Stephen Sargent & Bryce Peña
Colorist: Chris Joecken
Animation: Hambone Collective
Sound Composition: Chris Wallbrech
Sound Design/Mix: Brandon Weaver

Levi Bethune