9 Reasons To Choose Drive Media House For Your Video

When it comes to creating a video, you can choose from lots of different video production companies.  In fact, the number of video companies out there seem to be growing by the minute as technology becomes more affordable and available for any aspiring young video company. 

You, however, have found our website, are reading this blog post and are considering using Drive Media House. (BTW, thank you for reading this ... seriously!)

So, let's cut to the chase. You're busy and need to make a decision. Here's why we think you should choose us for your next video project. 


1. We Understand Emotion And Storytelling

We've written here and here and here about why storytelling is so important for your video. Why do we keep talking about this? Because the most effective and memorable videos are those that connect powerfully with people on an emotional level. 

At Drive, our tagline is "Home of Earnest Video". Kind of a strange word, we know. So, why did we choose it? 

earnest \ˈər-nəst\ adj.

1: showing depth and sincerity of feeling, intense conviction
2: serious in intention, purpose, or effort

We are a team, committed to helping our clients tell great stories. We want to understand our clients’ challenges, dig beneath the surface, and translate traditional business speak into content that creates a human connection.


2. We Do Our Research

When we jump into a project with our clients, and usually much earlier than when the project kicks off, we dig deep into research. In order to tell an effective story, we need to know you, your brand and your product really well. So, we love diving in and getting to know you. 

Our clients in the past have commented on how we knew thier project specifically well. Before we ever jump into creative and production, our process begins with discovery. We work hand in hand with you to identify the challenge and discover insights that will establish valuable human connections.


3. We Take Charge Of The Project

Without vision and a clear direction, a video project is destined to fail.

Does this mean that we won't collaborate with your team? Absolultely not! What we mean is that you are not going to need to hold our plan through the process.

We know what stalls a project, and we know what it takes to move projects forward. So, whether you need us to simply execute your vision or you want us to help with a more comprehensive creative process, our team will be ready to lead and move everything forward.     


4. We Have Experience

Ok, we get it. Our CEO, Stephen, has a baby face. He's had this condition since birth.

But just because we look young doesn't mean we don't have experience. Over the past several years, we've produced over 200 videos, and we've learned a thing or two along away. With that many video projects, yes, you make mistakes, but with every mistake, you also get to learn valuable lessons. 

We know we still have a lot to learn, and we are dedicated to honing our craft. But, we've also already learned many, many tips and tricks to make us faster, smarter and create better videos. 

5. We Take Pride In Our Work 

Every video we create has our client’s name on it, but it also has our name behind it. We got into this because we love making videos. And, when you love the work that you do, you tend to be more proud of the work you publish.

If something you suggest isn't best for the video, we're not afraid to politely disagree. And if something isn't quite right with the work, we're not afraid to put in the extra hours to fix it. 

At the end of the day, our mission is to work on projects we enjoy, that challenge us, and that we’re all proud of. We think that philosophy works in your favor as well to create the best video possible. 


6. We Meet Deadlines

Maybe nothing is more frustrating when working with a video production company than a missed deadline. Sometimes, it's a communication issue. Sometimes, there may be too many cooks in the kitchen, but regardless of the roadblocks that may appear during the production process, the job still needs to get done.

We get it. And, we know that delivering on time is just as important as the quality of the video itself. In order to help our clients meet deadlines, we've strategcially created a team that is agile, efficient and knows how to complete and deliver projects on time.


7. We Are Flexible, Creative And Can Adapt To Different Concepts 

Ok, this is really three reasons, but would you have clicked into a blog post titled "12 Reasons to Choose Drive Media House?" 12 just seems like a lot of work ... and a bit pretentious.

If you have any experience with video production, you know that everything doesn't always go as planned. You might have the perfect concept on a whiteboard, but for whatever reason, that brilliant idea just isn't panning out when on set. In this situation, you have to be able to adapt.  

This is one of our strengths! We are creative enough to present multiple concepts early in the process, and we are also agile enough to adapt if a concept is not panning out. Remember Elastigirl from The Incredibles? She's one of our heroes. And when we are working on projects, we often summon our elasticity powers to help save the day in a tight situation.


8. We Deliver Value

Ultimately, no matter what you think about the video, what really matters is how it performs. Does it help you meet your goals of social engagement, brand awareness, web traffic or revenue? 

We feel great when our clients say things like, "the video turned out even better than we hoped" or "it's a national level ad at a quarter of the cost". But, we get really excited when we see the videos help our clients reach their goals. 

In this case study from a project we did with Downy, you'll see a lot of our strengths - experience, creativity, flexibility, efficiency and value all come together. And more importantly, the campaign was a huge success for their brand.  


9. We Go The Extra Mile

The last reason you should consider working with us is that we're going to do whatever it takes to make our clients happy. 

Recently, on a project we did for Francis Lofts & Bunks, one of the things our team did was actually put together and set up their bunk beds for their shoot. On the surface, it seems like a small thing, but they made a comment to tell us how much that meant to them. Not only did it help us get to know their products better, but it was also just a nice thing to do.

And, we like being nice. When it comes to the extra mile, you might even say we're willing to ... wait for it ... DRIVE you there.

Ok. Yup. The bad puns are coming out. It's time to end the blog post now. 

Hopefully, this post helped you get a better idea of us and our work. If you need help with a video, let us know. We would love to help create a story with you.