How To Tackle The Video Production Process And Win As A Team

Ok team, huddle up. Let's talk about how to approach the video production process to create something great. We all know that video consumption is increasing at alarming rates. In fact, by 2019, global consumer Internet video traffic will account for 80 percent of all consumer Internet traffic. You used to be able to put one video on your homepage and be done with it. In today's world, that's simply not enough to keep up with the appetite for video.   

The expectations in terms of video content are also being raised. It will no longer simply be graded by how a video looks. Video will increasingly be judged by its quality of storytelling and personality. So, you are faced with having to produce both more video, and higher quality video, which is why you've turned to a video production company to help you win with your marketing efforts. 

We mentioned "team" above because creating a great video truly is a team effort, and you need to get to know each other a bit to pull off a victory. Have you ever seen an Andy Dalton to A.J. Green back shoulder pass? That chemistry doesn't happen over night. 

We know that every client, story and video are different. So, in order for us to have the best chance at winning with you, here are 9 tips to making the video production process a success. 

1. Get Ready To Work

Because there is a massive amount of video being released, in order to win, you need to create something that stands out. To do that, you need to be prepared to put in the time and energy. 

Creating a great video is similar to building a beautiful house. Often times, clients come to us because they've seen a video they loved, which was the end product. What they may overlook is that a lot of time and energy was spent in excavating, laying a foundation, framing the house, putting on the roof ... you get the idea. A video production process is similar in that there are no shortcuts to creating a great video.

2. Know Your Goals 

The most important information we can get from our clients is to understand two elements:

1) Who are you trying to reach? and

2) What are you trying to say to them? 

Our process includes assisting our clients in identifying the challenge, discovering insights and telling the story. So, we'll help you flesh this out, but being very clear on who you are trying to reach and what you are trying to say to them will go a long way towards creating a well received message. 

3. Pick One Decision Maker

This is a big one. The phrase "too many cooks in the kitchen" is spot on when it comes to making videos. We've seen a lot of projects turn south because too many people wanted to make changes or insert their opinions, and the video ends up being a jumbled mess. 

This is not to say that a client shouldn't gather internal feedback and have a team for opinions, but there needs to be a single decision maker on the client's end who is trusted with the vision of the project and has the final say on the entire process. 

So, from planning and brainstorming to scriptwriting, production and post-production, having a single decision maker on your end will greatly improve the video's chance for success.

4. Stick With One Core Idea

Similar to the previous tip, a video project will perform better when it works to communicate a single message. Keep it simple. 

Brands often want to communicate different aspects of themselves, but when you try to go after multiple messages in a video, it waters them all down. Know your who. Know your what, and allow one message to shine. 

5. Trust The People & The Process

Once you've done the hard work of identifying the challenge, discovering the insights and creating the story, it's time to trust your video production company to bring that vision to life. 

You've picked the right person on your team to be the decision maker, and you've picked the right video production company because they've proven in their portfolio that they create great work. Now, let them do what they do best. Trust the creatives to work along side you, fulfill your vision and carry the ball in this part of the process. 

6. Be Willing to Take a Risk

We mentioned before that you need strong storytelling and personality to stand out. Often, this may mean taking a risk. 

Calm down. Breathe. It will be ok. 

You don't have to take huge risks on every video you make, but as in so many areas in life, if you are willing to step out of the boat and try something with more risk, it has a better chance of producing a greater reward. 

7. Keep Trusting The People & The Process

As you continue to work through pre-production, production, editing and delivery, it's tempting to change your mind or let fear set in that your idea wasn't good. Or, you need to change the message. Or, we need to scrap it all and start over!!!  

Be calm. Hang in there. You worked hard to create a good story that will move people. Keep trusting in your team and the video production team to deliver a great result. 

8. Collaborate and Communicate 

Once you give the video production team your who and what, you're job is not over. There are definitely key moments during the process that allow and benefit from both sides collaborating. This may be with the script, or during production. 

Remember to drive all feedback and ideas through one decision maker, but definitely be sure to continue to communicate and collaborate throughout the process. 

9. Celebrate The Win

Good job team! You've put in the hours, created a game plan and executed on the strategy. You now have a great video that tells a powerful story and can be used for your marketing efforts. 

One last tip. Don't forget to practice your touchdown dance.