How To Communicate Diversity And Similarity At The Same Time

TriHealth's Commitment To Diversity

A short time ago, TriHealth approached Drive Media House to help communicate their commitment to diversity through a visual narrative. We were thrilled at the opportunity to bring the vision of this great Cincinnati company to life.

So, how did we do it? First, let's take a look at the script: 

Diversity is who we are. Not something we do.

At TriHealth, we are proud to acknowledge the differences and similiarities found in our team members, patients, physicians, families, volunteers and community.

We are, and always have been, a unique collection of individuals with diverse backgrounds on a mission to help others live better, creating an environment that reflects our teammembers as well as the community we serve.

Diversity and inclusion is key to our mission of improving the health of the people we serve. By embracing and celebrating our differences, we aim to keep moving forward, to keep evolving, to keep innovating together. 

Now, take a look at the finished work. 

Matching The Visuals With The Script

There are a few phrases from the script that we really attempted to focus on with how we visually communicated the message. These phrases include, "the differences and similiarities found in our team", "a unique collection of individuals" and "embracing and celebrating our differences"

While we used many different people in the video, we purposefully kept the eyes all at the same hight no matter whether it was a tight, medium, or wide shot, in order to allow the audience to continuously make eye contact and engage emotionally. 

This allows the audience to really grasp both the differences and the similarities found in TriHealth's team. 

Connecting As Humans  

Supporting the script with visuals is one thing. Connecting with the audience emotionally and bringing to life the mission of a company is another.

The beauty of TriHealth's mission is that the company is able to move forward, evolve and innovate because of the unique individuals coming together to create something bigger and better than themselves.  

We applaud and celebrate this mission. And, it's a beautiful picture of what we want to see more of in Cincinnati. 

So, how can we help TriHealth get others excited about this vision as well? Well, the human face is compelling. We're drawn to faces in film because we are able to connect with them emotionally.

We specifically chose to do a lot of closeups in this video because we want the audience to connect with the team at TriHealth on an emotional level. We're hoping many people connect emotionally with TriHealth in part because of this visual narrative. 

If you have a story worth telling and need help communicating it through video, we would love to hear from you.