What Does A Cancer Story Look Like? 30+ Moments of Truth

We all go through life living unique stories filled with ups and downs, joys and sorrows. But, how do you move forward after hearing those devastating words, "you have cancer"? 

You look for hope. You search online for cancer survivor stories. You embrace a new community you never imagined you would join. 

TriHealth - a team of physicians, hospitals and the community in Cincinnati, Ohio - approached us and wanted us to help tell the story of what the patient journey looks like for someone diagnosed with cancer. 

In the video, we walk through a cancer survivor's story and 30+ moments of truth, ranging from "Oh, it's just a checkup. It'll be fine" to the heartbreaking diagnosis news, to the treatment, and finally, the recovery. 

We show the sadness. We show the sickness. We show the stresses on daily life. And, we show hope. 

We were honored to help tell this story of what cancer looks like in the life of one patient. 

Honestly, it's hard to watch this video without becoming emotional. Cancer sucks. It kills, and it destroys. It doesn't matter if you are fighting breast cancer, ovarian, lung, pancreatic, prostate, colon, or any other form - it sucks. 

We made this film for TriHealth because they wanted their team members to be more connected with the patient journey. 

Imagine that. A group of medical personnel actively working to train their employees in empathy. In compassion. 

That is beautiful, and we were so honored to help bring this story to life. We hope that it inspires their team of doctors, nurses, and staff and everyone who walk along cancer patients on a day in and day out basis towards a higher level of care and dedication. 

And, we hope to hear many more cancer survivor stories, where patients were loved, served and cared for by a team of people who believe that in these moments of truth, every single interaction matters.