Welcome To Our New Website. We Built This For You.

This last weekend, we pushed the "Go" button on our new website. We like it, and we hope you do too. 

For those of you who never saw our old website, well, there just isn't a lot of context there. If this is your first time visiting us, then it's not really new. It's just our website. So, let me try to fill in the gaps as to why we spent a ton of time and energy on this new website project. 

Hiring A Video Production Company Can Be A Headache

When you have a video project with a deadline, you need to be able to review potential video companies quickly. And that can be difficult and time consuming. So, when we began our website redesign process, we were thinking of you.

We wanted to put ourselves in your shoes and design our new website with your needs in mind. How could we make our website more user friendly? What are the pain points you have when shopping different video companies? What would be most helpful to you - the marketing directors, agency producers and business owners? 

Yes, we want our site to be pretty and look cool. It's only natural that we want to give off a great first impression. But our goal is not making our brand look cool. Our goal is to create amazing stories through video that connect more people with your business. 

This article and Entrepreneur.com and this one at Wistia give some great tips on what to look for when hiring a video production company. The tips include things like, "don't get dazzled by a demo reel" and "find their most recent projects". Also, you should be asking questions like, "Do they care about my company?", "Is there a culture fit?" and "Do they have fresh and creative ideas?". 

We wanted our new website to make it as easy as possible to answers these questions for you. Yes, our demo reel matters, and we want you to watch it. In fact, here it is. 


But beyond our "flashy" demo, we also want you to easily find the past work that is relevant to your video project. We want you to see the full stories we've told with other clients. And, we want you to decide if we're a good fit to help tell your story. 

What's New

So, we made a few changes.

Ultimately, we think the work speaks for itself. Because of that, we have attempted to put our work front and center. On our home page, you can easily view our demo reel, and you can also watch several other videos with different styles. 

We've created a new "Our Work" page that shows even more videos and allows you to dig deeper into each project.  

We reconstructed our navigation to include "Who We Help". We're hoping this makes it easier for Agencies and Businesses (including non-profits) to find examples of past work and video services we provide geared specifically for them. In the future, we will continue to build this out even more in an effort to clearly identify where we can be a valuable partner.

We've also reworked "Our Process" page to help communicate our process, our approach and what a sample timeline for a project might look. 

On top of these changes, we've checked off the boxes for pretty design, mobile friendly and a content management system that doesn't require a call NASA to use. We think our SEO guy is happy too, but does anyone really know what those guys do? 

Tell Us What You Think

Our website us updated, and we hope you like it. We've done our best to make it more user friendly for you, and we're also open to your suggestions. 

Drop us a note on our Contact page, or reach out via social

We're excited about the new look! We're still the Home of Earnest Video. Our front door just got a new coat of paint.