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Phew! ... the Holidays, am I right? You know how when you get to Thanksgiving in November and everything at the end of the year kind of becomes a blur. Well, that happened to us. We LOVE that time of year, but it sure can get hectic! 

The end of 2016 was very busy for us, but we were able to do some projects we really loved. So, while we are excited about all the videos we get to create in 2017, we wanted to take a minute to share with you some of our projects from the end of the year.  

Lessons In Accidental Magic

We had an absolute blast with this one. Cincinnati hosted a 48 hour film project, and we decided to enter. There were about 20 films entered, and we were honored to walk away with 12 awards, including best film. You can read more about why we decided to make the film here and see the awards we won here

The fun continues with this video because we were invited to screen it at Filmapalozza in Seattle this March. The event brings together the top 150 48 hour films from 2016. Drive Media House has the privilege of representing Cincinnati at the event. Stay tuned for more details on this one. 

Midmark - Impact Design

Fifteen years ago, Practice Design Group was born to help dentists find their vision and create a facility that achieves it. Recently, they've partnered with Midmark to create Impact Design - a small group seminar that delivers a unique and personalized experience.

The Carters have a unique and intuitive approach when it comes to their dental office design techniques. We helped create this explainer video to craft the right story and show off their design expertise. The production for this video saw our team splitting time between Central Ohio and Austin, Texas.  

The Bulleit + Noble Sessions

Ok, this one was fun. 

Our good friends at Noble Denim asked us to help put together some raw stripped down sessions with rock band Houndmouth to show off their latest collaboration with Bulleit Frontier Whiskey. The result is a raw set of songs shot in a several hundred year old rick house on Bulleit property in Louisville.

We may or may not have sampled some of the products represented ... boy, those are good jeans. 

To see more videos from the session, click here

A New Story For TriHealth's Team Members

TriHealth approached us last year about helping craft a story around their employees, and so we went to work showing off the core things that make their team members service unparalleled. We also helped share a little window into the many diverse backgrounds of the team members of TriHealth.

These are the kinds of stories we love to tell. At the heart of TriHealth are core values such as service, excellence and respect. When we get to help a company bring those values to life through visual storytelling, it brings us a lot of joy. 

Let's Tell Your Story

The end of 2016 brought us a variety of wonderful projects to work on, and we look forward to  helping many more brands create memorable stories in 2017. Maybe that's you! If so, we'd love to hear from you.

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