Video Statistics to Help Guide Your 2017 Marketing Strategy

As a marketer or small business owner, you know that video is important, but how important is it really? We've put together a few video statistics to help give you a sense of the current business video landscape and how people will be consuming video in 2017 and beyond.

Who Uses Video?

96% of B2B organizations use video in some capacity in their marketing campaigns of which 73% report positive results to their ROI
87% of online marketeres use video content
65% of U.S. marketers plan to increase their mobile ad budgets to account for video
22% of U.S. small businesses plan to post a video in the next 12 months
55% of people watch videos online every day

Business Related Video Statistics

75% of business executives watch work-related videos at least weekly
59% of senior executives agree that if both text and video are available on the same page, they prefer to watch the video
54% of senior executives share work-related videos with colleagues at least weekly
93% of marketers use video for Online Marketing, Sales and Communication
96% of B2B companies are planning to use video in their content marketing over the next year

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The Power of Video on Conversion Rates

Let's repeat the stats from this graphic above just to help them sink in a bit.

80% of total consumer internet traffic will be video traffic by 2019. 
97% increase of intent to purchase when a consumer enjoys a video ad. 
70% of viewers who experience a strong emotional response to an ad are likely to buy the product. 

These are some staggering numbers, but what do we learn here? Simply put, not only are audiences consuming video in massive amounts, but when a viewer enjoys an ad or has a strong emotional response, they are far more likely to purchase a product. 

This can have a huge impact for your business!

The Home of Earnest Video in Cincinnati, OH

In the above video statistics about conversion, there are a few keywords that particularly stand out to us - "enjoys" and "strong emotional response". 

Videos are made for all kinds of purposes and for different audiences. There are product videos, internal communication videos, commercial videos and brand narrative or about us videos.

As Apple continues to tell us with their commercials, anyone can click record on their iPhone. But, how do you make videos that people "enjoy" and create a "strong emotional response"? 

We believe the video needs to be earnest in order to stand out from the massive amounts of fluff.

"Ok", you say. "Earnest is a weird word. What do you mean by that?" We're so glad you asked: 

1: showing depth and sincerity of feeling, intense conviction 

2: serious in intention, purpose, or effort

There is no question the video statistics show a massive growth in video consumption, and the trends are not slowing down. We believe video has emerged and will continue to be one of the most effective methods for companies to create deep, purposeful connection with their audience. 

However, because video is such a powerful medium, a massive amount of content is being created every day. In fact, more video content is uploaded to the web in a single month, than TV has created in 3 decades!

The real issue is being able to create video that stands out, that viewers enjoy and that can drive a strong emotional response. (See our 2016 Demo Reel to get a feel for our work).

That's where we come in. We would love to help you create inspiring, emotional and earnest videos to assist you in your 2017 marketing efforts.

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