Convos With Creatives: Episode 1

When I meet someone for the first time, I usually find myself asking the same question: “What do you do?”

Sometimes I wish I’d never asked.

But when I get a worthwhile response from someone who really cares about their job, I want to know more. Truthful, engaging, and informative answers give me more information about the person I’m talking to, and allow me to get an inside look at their industry. And by learning about their work life, I learn how to be more creative in my own work.

I was curious about what it was like to work in the local advertising and marketing spheres, so I decided to start interviewing Cincinnati-based advertising and marketing professionals to see what they were passionate about. If you’re curious about advertising, marketing, or the video production world, I hope you get something valuable out of these conversations.

Our first interview subject is Jason Langdon, a Creative Director at POSSIBLE.


Convos with Creatives - Ep. 1 - Jason Langdon from Drive Media House on Vimeo.

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