Our Favorite Videos - Pt. 2

Year in Review
Year in Review

2015 was a year in which we grew as people and as an organization. It wasn't without growing pains, but we believe that we came out of it determined to make as much creative, meaningful work as humanly possible. We feel blessed that we are able to to spend each year doing what we love. So, without further ado (because who has the attention span for more text!), here are a few of our favorites, in the words of our team members. If you haven't seen Pt. 1, read some more responses here.

Brandon WeaverAmerican Modern - Kurt's Story

A Drive Media House set will never let you down. AMIG stands out as an exceptionally enjoyable set, though. People only see the end result when it comes to making these videos, but, for the crew, the process is often more memorable than the actual product. I remember lovely weather, hospitable locations, amazing people and stories, really great food, and an especially positive crew. These things, I believe, set Drive apart. Creating video is such an enjoyable process with Drive, for both client and crew. AMIG is one of those projects where the process really shines through in the final product, making it one of my favorite Drive videos. Then again, I feel that about all of them.

Adam Banks - A High Five Salon Story; Life Forward - LaKetra’s Story

Oddly enough, I wasn’t directly involved with either of my two favorite videos. I like that the mix of cinematography and editing is particularly strong in these videos, and as a result, I think these two projects represent our most touching, heartfelt work. They do a great job of highlighting the importance of strong female figures in our world. High Five’s blend of dream-like shots and nostalgic home video gives it a sense of timelessness, while LaKetra’s story portrays a slice of life in a way that elevates the banal into something beautiful. Both of these videos share a tone that I really gravitate towards.

Michael Heckmann - Taft Theatre: You're Invited

Music is a universal language that evokes everything from peaceful joy to quiet reflection to exuberant anticipation. You can’t help but feel the latter, along with a tinge of surprise, when the “outrageous cadenza” launches George Gershwin’s famous Rhapsody in Blue. The near-twenty minute journey that follows is unforgettable. I mention Gershwin’s first Rhapsody because it’s featured on the season announcement video we put together at Drive in our work with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra (CSO) for their 2016-17 season.

The work that we’ve been doing with CSO has been my favorite project in my time at Drive so far. Not only does it mix my passion for helping brands share their stories with one of my favorite organizations in the city, but it hits me at a much deeper, personal level. My deep love for classical and jazz was born out of time spent with both sets of grandparents. When I entered college, I began to attend the Symphony more regularly and was introduced to an entirely new level of depth to my relationship with this music.

And now getting to help the CSO tell this next chapter of their story is, for me, worlds colliding in the best way. If you don’t live in Cincinnati, I’m sorry. If you do live here, I hope you’ll join me in what promises to be a breathtaking season in the Taft Theatre as the CSO continues to do what they do so well -- instill its patrons with a sense of wonder and appreciation in a way you won’t quite find anywhere else.

Micah Simms - "Farmer" (Boot Country | Work Country)Justin Original Workboots

My first favorite video is the “Farmer” spot for Boot Country Work Country. It was fun to shoot, and it was a really great story. The second was for Justin Work Boots. I enjoyed getting to see our work on national television!