Driving Ourselves: From Passion to Process to Product // Cincinnati Video Production

If you're interested in working with a creative team that helps in your branding process like we do, then you probably want to know a bit about how we came to brand ourselves. Creativity is great, but credibility is equally important. We drive business, awareness, conversation, passion, and sales but most of all, we drive your audience to take action. So what have we done to make sure our customers want to partner with us in branding efforts? We think you should know. Here's how it went.

One of our business owners sat down at his desk one morning with a mocha in one hand and a computer mouse in the other. He reflected on the confusion that Moonbeam Studios' clients had been voicing. When clients would visit our Moonbeam Studios website, they were confused about how a company that produces music videos and senior portraits could be even better at producing commercials. He yelled across the room to his business partner, suggesting the need for a solution to this problem. They both wanted to clarify once and for all that commercials are most successful when made by the team that called themselves Moonbeam Studios. It was decided that the solution to this was the development of a daughter company. Here she is today: DRIVE Media House.

DRIVE Media House is a video production company that drives business through social media and web-based commercials. We're here to help your voice and your story to be told through video. Make your audience feel something. Drive them to take action.

We work through a 2-phase process: (1) Discovery and (2) Production. The Discovery Phase is a crucial part of our process in which we come to understand your goals, audience, and brand. This is the part where we are extremely intentional about developing a plan that will DRIVE results. We always start with "WHY". For us, our "WHY" was that we needed to bring clarity to our customers and focus more on commercials as a company. Our Discovery phase has 5 main components. This is what they looked like for us: -IDEATE: We brainstormed for days about everything we wanted this company to be. -CREATIVE BRIEF: We approved our ideas and vision with each other. -SCRIPT + STORYBOARD: We put everything in writing and made rough sketches of our website. -TALENT + LOCATION: We decided who would be involved and where we would work. -BUDGET

Our second phase is production, and that is what we're doing now and what we will be doing for the rest of our existence. The production of DRIVE is constantly evolving and improving as we acquire new clients and new ideas.

Learning to drive ourselves was the most important thing we needed to do when starting a company, and we are completely confident that we are able to also help others drive their businesses through commercials.