Evoke Emotion with Video Marketing

Your boss just came to you and said your company needs a video to engage people on social media. You must decide how money is spent. Are your campaign efforts going to focus on video advertising or video marketing?

Before you make a decision, it’s important to understand the differences:

Video Advertising - Inform public about a product or service - Goal of increasing sales in a more direct manner - Lead customer to make a direct purchase - Communicate deals and special offers

Video Marketing - Focused on brand development & awareness - Goal of customer engagement - Call to action is far less aggressive - Content that evokes emotion - Overall reach is longer lasting

Let’s look at two video spots: 1. Furniture retail ad 2. Sainsbury Christmas ad

When comparing these two spots, ask yourself “Which one would I want to share with my friends online?” I know these two ads are different (one has a huge budget), but my guess is you would pick the one that feels like a mini-movie. Why? Because it evokes emotion. There is more of a focus on creating a feeling within the viewer and when we equate powerful positive feelings with a brand, we are more inclined to seek them out over competitors. At minimum, we are more likely to remember that brand.

Marketing efforts are not about products, deals, or sales – they are about connecting with people. A marketing video can do this by telling a story associated with your company’s purpose, values, or style.

Companies offer features and benefits to clients. Think of a power drill. One feature would be how light the drill is and how the user will use less energy when drilling holes. A benefit is the user will be able to build his wife a dining room table that his whole family can share meals around. People focus on benefits and relate to the feeling of sitting down around a thanksgiving meal more than how quickly they drilled screws into place.

Marketing is focused more on the benefits side. Advertising is focused on the features. Most companies spend money on both, but you must determine which carries more weight. The emotional appeal will drive faster action.

Measuring customer engagement starts when there is a conversation. When people are sharing your video on social media with their friends and are commenting and critiquing, a dialogue has begun. People share things that are funny, things that are inspiring, things that make them look intelligent. They typically don’t share things that evoke no emotion, like how many pixels are on their television screen.

At Drive Media House, we intend to provide narrative driven videos that connect people to your brand. In each video, we develop a story arch that creates a consistent emotional identity for your campaign. We are a marketing company committed to developing customer engagement and creating long term solutions. We believe in fostering brand development through our videos.