Five Things We Learned From High Five Salon

Are all relationships created equal?

Some business relationships are born better. They are built on a foundation of trust. They align in multiple ways like vision and purpose and seem to simply “click.” We all want our partnerships to feel effortless, right?


Well, we are starting to see patterns of what makes a great business relationship. When we look back at the work we did in conjunction with High Five Salon, we have fond memories. We started to ask, “What made that relationship work so well?” and some themes developed (queue English-class daydreams). Here are five:

1. Commitment to Excellence

We care a TON about our work and have made a commitment to delivering a well-developed product. We want to work with companies that have made the same commitment. High Five Salon shared this passion and as a result, helping them communicate it through video was easy.

2. Commitment to People

When a co-worker’s wife left High Five after getting her hair done she said, “I have never felt more special in my life.” That about sums it up right there. We love working with companies that care about people and place the focus on them. It is a personal touch that leaves a lasting impression. We love including those personal touches and hope the people we work with feel the same.

3. Serve a bigger purpose than themselves

We aspire to be a part of a bigger mission, one that impacts our world - a force of positive change for our families and neighbors. High Five Salon desires to grow their business to reach more of the community. It is about more than profits. They are “outwardly” centered and so are we.

4. Tight knit team

We learned the importance of having a close knit team from the folks at High Five. From the guy running the company to the people taking out the trash, the purpose and vision is not lost. They are a group of people with a single mind running in the same direction. We want to run with companies like that. We’ve been training. We even bought a fitbit.

5. Use story to explain why they exist

A visit to High Five Salon is more than a haircut. It is about giving people an opportunity to realize something - we are all born beautiful.  It’s about redefining the standards of beauty and understanding it is not bound by size, shape or age. High Five has something to say and it is best conveyed in a story as evidence as to why they exist.

Like our collaboration with High Five, we want to build something with you: a dream, a story, and ultimately, a relationship. If your company meets all five of these things, then we want to work with you. (Said in a whisper) and if you only got 4 out of five we can still talk. After all, 80% is still a “B!”