Innovate Your Brand


Consumers are no longer shopping for products, they’re shopping for stories. They want to know that what they buy is more than just a commodity. What else does it have to offer? If the choice is between a boot that was made in a factory in China or an American-made, leather boot, just like the one their grandpa used to wear, they will almost always choose the latter, even if it means paying a little more. Because stories matter to consumers today. They want to know the depth of what they’re buying. They want it to say something about who they are, that they care about locally made goods, sustainability, fair labor and honest sourcing. These things matter.

As a marketer, business owner, or both, we know that you take pride in what you’re doing and how your products are being used. But how do you sell story, rather than product? It’s a whole new kind of marketing challenge. That’s where we come in. Our production company has honed in on a style of videography that creatively speaks to brands that are not necessarily known for creative thinking. We want to refresh the image of long-standing brands and act as a springboard for new ones. Since we’re coming into your company from the outside, we offer a fresh pair of eyes and help you reimagine how to communicate your story. We love collaborating with our clients to craft that story, to tell it in an engaging way that allows your audience to see you in a new light. We help them meaningfully interact with your brand, understand what drives you and why they should get on board.

Because, for them, it’s not about the product—it’s about who it allows them to be. You’re selling them on a lifestyle by telling them your story.

In a world where we’re constantly consuming content, the only real way to connect with viewers is to show them something honest and authentic. We believe that clients come to us because they want something new—they want to create a piece that connects with viewers by tapping into their individual emotional experience through fun, moving narratives, helping them engage with your product or brand in a new way.

We want them to come away from our commercials with the sense that they can trust the brand that is represented. The best part? Once they’ve been moved by your story, they will become passionate ambassadors of your brand, because they have found something they can stand behind. The solution? Give them a story worth sharing.