How We Became Experts in Building Bunk Beds

Once upon a time in 2015, we created Francis Lofts & Bunks’ Brand Video. It was a fun, fast-paced, and heavily-art-directed piece that is now the staple of After building a meaningful relationship with the adult bunk beds team, we developed a love for their story, their products, and their awesome people. A year later, they asked us if we had any recommendations for photographers who would do outstanding work at building sets from scratch and capturing them to use on their website. I’m sure there are some great photographers out there who could do this, but we were feeling rather daring when they asked us for referrals. After a few minutes of thinking, we virtually raised our hands and confidently said, “We can do it!” No, we’re not photographers for a living, but we all come from a background of still photography (RIP Moonbeam Studios) and most importantly, we have a killer art direction team that we love incorporating whenever possible (stay tuned for a blog about our art direction capabilities next month). Francis was excited when they found out we actually had the capabilities to execute a photo shoot in-house without their marketing team even having to travel to Cincinnati. They trusted us with their personas, and we turned them into fully-developed characters who we then had to design bedrooms for.  We cast our most photogenic friends and actors as models and strategically planned out their outfits to match each room.

We created 4 set-ups:

  • The Cozy Couple’s Room
  • The Beach House
  • The Ski Lodge
  • The Chic City Loft

We then sought client approval for our room setup sketches and our talent selections. They provided minor necessary tweaks, they sent us 4 beds, we built the 4 beds, dressed the rooms, and the next thing we knew, the shoot day was here. We were able to keep all of the shooting in-house. One corner of our building was able to be used for 2 extremely different setups. See if you can notice which 2 setups were shot in the same place!

It was immensely interesting to see how the world of film (our knowledgebase, gear, and people) could translate to the world of a photo shoot. We could never have promised a photo shoot if it wasn’t for our trust in one another, our faithfulness to our own team, and our bravery to try new things. We had to be versatile and understand that some hurdles might arise, but we would work together to resolve any issues since we’re all new to this. The short gallery featured below will show you the final products of our photoshoot (and you can see more at the link below!)… you can also see them displayed on or on their Pinterest Page!