Why We Started Friday Breakfasts

You know how great it feels to sleep in on Friday mornings?

I don’t.

But that’s okay… because after I let the pooch out, gargle some Listerine, and throw on a baseball cap, I get to rush to work to help take part in something that is super important to the fabric of Drive. It’s an event simply called Friday Breakfasts.

We kicked off the great experiment of Friday Breakfasts 10 weeks ago. We did it because we love the community we get to be a part of here in Cincinnati and saw a need to be more connected. We know that most people in the area can wake up an hour earlier on a Friday if it means free food and free coffee. The least we can do is provide that. We also saw this overwhelming need in the tri-state area to get to know the people we barely knew anything about.  This includes fellow-creatives, Newport strangers, and individuals that we wish to work with. The invite is open to all. Sharing a meal together is a simple way to choose handshakes over gossip and friendship over competition. We want to see fellow Cincinnatians succeed, and Friday Breakfasts are a place where we can share our successes, failures, and most of all… dreams.  

We flip the menu constantly but Carabello Coffee is always served. Food offerings have ranged from Holtman’s Donuts to omelettes to bagels to frittatas to Marcella’s Donuts. But we’ll always warn you a day ahead of time what will be served and who will be serving it! Honestly we couldn’t think of a better way to kick off Fridays than with friends, clients, and family all in our studio having a great time. Feel free to bring your kids, your tinder dates, your imaginary friends, or that guy you just met on the street.

So come one, come all. Fridays mean breakfast at Drive. Tomorrow we’ll have biscuit breakfast sandwiches made by Carls Barkley!

Our POVChris Powers