Barber Foods "Side Show"

Client: Barber Foods
Agency: Northlich
Production: Drive Media House

Barber Foods is a staple in millions of households around the US. We partnered with their marketing team and agency to release a series of social videos. From the delivery of the concept to the launch of the videos we had 30 days. The shoot involved wrangling a large crew that would be able to knock out several set ups over the course of two days. We built two shooting sets and flipped from one to the next to be able to accomplish everything on a tight schedule. The outcome is a pretty tasty collection of content.


Director: Motke Dapp
Director of Photography: Jeff Barklage
Producer: Chris Powers
Grip: Brandon Weaver
Gaffer: T.S. Green
Production Designer: Kim Martin
Script Supervisor: Carley Weber
Food Stylist: Mary Seguin & Anna Wantz
Production Assistants: Christine Shrum & Joe Dunlap
Editor: Carley Weber
Colorist: Chris Joecken