GoGo "Let's Go Farther"

Client: GoGo Air
Agency: Epipheo
Production: Drive Media House

GoGo was looking to introduce people to a world with increased connectivity through the narrative of a single passenger. The production was a bit unique in that it featured a large cast, a lot of tech, and a mock airplane location only found in L.A.


Director: Motke Dapp
Director of Photography: John Matysiak
Producer: Stephen Sargent
Assistant Director: Chris Powers
1st AC: Tiffany Murray
2nd AC: Melissa Kirchoff
Grip: Kevin Funaki
Gaffer: Nicholas Calabria
Swing: Dave Lichtenberg & Tommy Gallagher
Production Designer: Shiloh Turner
Costume Designer: Erik Dixon
Hair & Makeup: Michelle Bear
Production Assistants: Andres Gallego & Patrick Kevin
Casting: Ramani Leah
Editor: Nate Clark & Stephen Sargent
Design/Motion: Epipheo
Sound Composition: Alex McKenzie
Sound Design/Mix: Brandon Weaver

Levi Bethune