CSO "Music Lives In You"

Client: Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra
Production: Drive Media House

The Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra(CSO) is celebrating its 125th Anniversary with a complete re-brand and deepened focus on the importance of their guests.

While the music of the CSO is created by the work of talented musicians, composers, conductors and countless others; it would be nothing without the listener. Music is great not because of how it sounds, but because of how it impacts people.

This piece is an exploration of just that - the impact music has on people. The first half makes an argument for all of the components of a great piece of music, and the second half shows that all of these things ultimately serve the purpose of creating an impactful experience for someone. And that impact, is what matters most.

We are eternally grateful for the collaboration of Douglas Gautraud (Director), Kenny Mosher (DP + colorist), and the entire crew, as well as the CSO and Music Hall, Gwynne Sound, Heyman Talent, and the many folks that made an appearance on and off screen.


Director: Douglas Gautraud
Director of Photography: Kenny Mosher
Producer: Stephen Sargent
Assistant Directors: Kim Martin & Seth Halter
1st AC: Michael Wooten
Gaffer: Andy Thomas
Key Grip: Travis Thompson
Production Designer: Kim Martin
HMU/Wardrobe: Kendall Stolz
Production Assistants: Eric Batke & Shane Harrison
Craft Services: Hannah Nelson
Casting: Heyman Talent
Editorial: Drive Media House
Editor: Eric Batke & Stephen Sargent
Colorist: Kenny Mosher
VO: Mia Carruthers
Sound Design/Mix: Gwynne Sound

Dave McMurray