CUNA "Open Your Eyes"

VIDEO + Photography


Client: Credit Union National Association
Agency: BrandCap
Production: Drive Media House

The “Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union” campaign was developed by BrandCap for CUNA in order to drive awareness and consideration to the credit union category. The creative concept is designed to wake people from the autonomous behavior of using a commercial bank and introduce them to the many benefits of using a credit union.

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Director: Motke Dapp
Director of Photography: Micah Simms
Photographer: Jonathan Robert Willis
Producer: Chris Powers
Gaffers: Scott Phelps & Brian Whitlock
Best Boy: Travis Thompson
Drone Op: Ian Cresswell
Phantom Op: Eric Girgash
Production Designer: Kim Martin
Production Design Assist: Cherokee Martin & Marie Pendley
HMU: Laurie McSwain & Lynn Moliter
: Julie Long
Wardrobe Assist: Celeste Morgan
Locations Manager: Stephen Sargent
Production Assistants: Austin Vesely, Shane Harrison, & Jonathan Nickoson 
Craft Services: Kennedi Campbell & Hannah Nelson
Editorial: Drive Media House
Editor: Carley Weber & Stephen Sargent
Colorist: Chris Joecken
Sound Composition: Luke Coltman
Sound Mix: Joe Dunlap
Sound Design: Gwynne Sound

Dave McMurray