How Social Video Can Amplify Your Video Marketing Strategy

Video marketing in 2017 comes in many shapes, sizes and styles. Most consumers of video are familiar with an above the fold explainer video on a website's homepage. Customers have come to expect to see product videos, about us videos and different types of educational videos. But with video consumption growing at alarming rates, marketers also need to think about how social video fits into their marketing plan.

It's no secret that social channels may be the very best way to communicate with your audience. Why? Because you can actually listen to them, learn from them, and interact with them in a meaningful way. Your social channels allow you to communicate in ways your website cannot. 

So, are you using social video effectively? Are you leveraging your video marketing into bite sized social media campaigns? In this post, we walk through two case studies for clients who are amplifying their marketing message using social videos. 

1.1 Million Hot Dog Video Views and Counting

First, we have Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs. We partnered with their agency Oodle to create a series of videos to support a social media contest where fans could submit their favorite MVP hot dogs

Nathan's has done a fantastic job with their Facebook page, which has over 215,000 fans. Like all good Facebook pages, they do a fantastic job of creating fun, fresh content and engaging with their audience. The idea of a contest, where Nathan's Famous customers get to submit their favorite hot dogs, is a proven winner. When you create a platform where your audience can be celebrated AND win prizes, it has the makings of a great social media campaign. 

The big idea is getting your customers engaged! And Oodle and Nathan's knocked it out of the park with this one (pun intended). Below, you'll see our video highlighting many of the fan favorite hot dogs. 


While this video is nice and not too complicated, the real success is being able to leverage it into many interactions with the fan base. Each and every MVP hot dog from the campaign was also created into it's own social video. That means you get lots of winners and lots of Facebook Fans with all of their sphere's of influence coming to see your brand. 

This is how you leverage a social media campaign with several social videos into a massive success. 

As you can see from the screenshot below, Nathan's has had Facebook videos as part of the campaign, each with hundreds of thousands of views. The Slaw Dog video has over 317,000 views. The Jalapeno Popper Dog video has over 343,000 views! 

Nathan's Hot Dogs MVP social video contest on Facebook

Nathan's has had thousands of likes, shares, comments and engagements - not just on Facebook, but also across their Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. 

This is the power of leveraging social video into a major marketing campaign success. If you look back at the strategy, it's not a complicated video shoot. By efficient planning, Nathan's and Oodle were able to take the content from our video production and stretch it into multiple wins on their social platforms. By using bite sized (I can't help the puns today) videos of 0:15 - 0:25 seconds, they could use several videos to engage their fans again and again. 

Preparing A City For Music To Come Home

What do you do when people are anxiously awaiting the restoration of one of the most precious architectural and cultural cornerstones in the city? You make a series of social video trailers, of course. 

With a similar strategy to Nathan's Famous, we worked with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra to create five separate short, teaser videos to whet the appetite of the CSO fans. 

Once again, the drip campaign of several shorter videos (0:30 seconds or less) has created a major success in creating social buzz and awareness. Along with the full Music Comes Home video, the five trailers have generated over 250,000 views. Watch the entire social video campaign here.


The #MusicComesHome ad campaign has been a great success for the CSO, earning thousands of likes, comments and shares as well as beautifully showing off the renovations.

This is yet another great example of stretching a video marketing budget by using social video to help generate massive brand awareness.

Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra social video campaign on Facebook


Amplifying Your Social Video Strategy

If you are looking to get a win with social video, contact us today.

We would love to learn more about your strategy and discuss creative video production ideas that can be leveraged into social media success.